We’ve all been playing monopoly wrong! 10 common house rules

Lots of people love the game Monopoly! With the hundreds of versions and millions of copies sold worldwide its the game everyone either loves or loves to hate. The source of a guaranteed family punch up and realising your maximum paranoia level as those closest to you shaft you for all that you are (virtually) worth.

However there are many rules which simply aren’t rules! let’s have a look at the 10 most common house rules:

1.If you land on an unclaimed property and decide you don’t want to buy it, your turn is over.

If the property isn’t purchased, you are supposed to start a live auction

2. If you land on GO! you get double!

No no no, if you land on go, nothing happens, you still collect the same $200

3. If you are in Jail, you can’t collect rent

You can! If sent to Jail you can still collect rent, in fact it’s one of the safest places to be

4. You have to go round the board once before you can start buying property.

Also not true! You can buy straight away!

5. If you land on Go, you can either collect your $200 reward, or forfeit it in exchange for being able to go to any property immediately.

Nope! I mean, everyone knows this is a made up rule right?

6. After you go bankrupt, all of your properties go to the bank.

As in real life, everything you own is taken by who you owe the money too! It’s a cut throat business after all.

7. The Mercy Rule says that you can set a fixed amount to be the goal. When a player achieves that amount, they automatically win.

Nice try! This would allow a much shorter game but is not the case. You’ve got to be ruthless and take everyone else out!!

8. You can start building houses whether or not you own all properties in the category.

Obviously.. you need a monopoly to build!

9. If you roll a snake eyes, you automatically get $500.

errrrm, No.

10. All taxes and fines are put in the middle of the board, and if you land on Free Parking, you take the whole lot!

I always thought this was a real rule. But it’s not. Sadly you just pay taxes to the bank. Boo!


So there you go! Myths debunked. Let us know if you have any other house rules in the comments below.

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