Exploding Kittens Card Game Review

Oh no! Kit-splosion! You’re out Sonny Jim!

At least, that’s what I would say if I had a son called Jim.

Nevertheless, Exploding Kittens has quickly become a firm, family favourite in our household. It’s fast-paced, simple, yet tactical, chance-based gameplay ensures that anyone can enjoy it!

Games take around 10-15 minutes to complete and the card game is really quick to set-up, less than a minute from unboxing to getting started and enjoyable through and through.

So, let’s look at the cards, all illustrated beautifully by the artists over at The Oatmeal and delivered with a cute message on each one. They fall under the following categories:

Attack Cards:
Use these to mess other players up, boom!

Skip Cards:
Great for dodging attacks.

Shuffle Cards:
Handy if you’re unsure, or know what’s coming next!
See The Future Cards:
Great for inducing paranoia in the other players

Cat Cards:
Can be grouped to use special (meowgical) powers.

NO! Cards:
Prevents almost any other players action, also, shout NO! when playing this, hehe.
Favour Cards:
Choose a player to give you a card of their choice (no, not YOUR choice!)

Defuse Cards:
Cancels out those Exploding Kittens and allows you to live another day (phew!).
Exploding Kitten Cards:
Avoid these at all cost!

Each player begins with 4 cards and a defuse card, with remaining defuse cards (and all exploding kitten cards) placed into the deck.

Next, each player has the opportunity to use any of the cards in their hand, before ending their turn by drawing a card from the deck, which gets pretty heated later in the game when you’re more likely to explode at any moment!

Should you face the mis-fortune of drawing an Exploding Kitten you can at least attempt to get your own back on other players by placing the card back into the pack wherever you wish.

(As a sidenote, I tend to put mine right back on the top when I’m feeling particularly evil but hey, each to their own right, mwahahahaa!)

Playthrough Video – Coming Soon


In Summary:

All in all, this is a great fun game, highly recommended and should stand the test of time pretty well.

Expansion packs are also available, adding more, pretty self-explanatory card types which we’ll be sure to play through and review in the future.

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