Monopoly Stranger Things Edition by Hasbro

It’s here! Monopoly has another new version and this one is based on the Netflix series Stranger Things!

Straight from the 80’s the first thing you notice about this version of the game is the see through panel on the box for tokens. The tokens are distinctively from the 80’s era and are of a bike, a trainer, a camera and a TV, as this is an 8 player game the second bunch of 4 tokens are exactly the same but darker and displayed upside down in the box (those of you that have been watching the series will understand)

Upon opening the box and removing the placeholder, you’ll see that the regular houses and hotels are replaced with black and red buildings (Called Forts & Hide-outs in this version). You will also notice that the regular chance and community chest cards are not present, but cards illustrated with a walkie talkie or blinking lights instead.

Open the board and you’ll see the regular key Monopoly spaces are all intact, (Go, Jail, Free Parking & Go To Jail) so you will already know how the gameplay works if you’ve ever played Monopoly before! The property spaces have been replaced by places featured in the TV series and the most expensive property space is ‘The Upside Down’. Utilities have been replaced by The Quarry & Hawkins Power & Light. The four railway stations have been replaced by transport spaces, these are Hawkins Power & Light Van, Hoppers Patrol Car, Joyce’s Car & a Bike.

Even with these changes, the game plays in exactly the same way as a regular Monopoly would allowing you to get stuck in and get playing straight away!

Have a look at our video of the game and let us know what you think!



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