Simbrix Pixel Art Creation Kits Unboxing And Review!

Today we’ve opened some exciting boxes here at Castle Refresh. The boxes contain the amazing Simbrix Kits!

Simbrix are tiny little blocks that you slide & slot together to create a pixel art style creation. With these your imagination is your only boundary as you could create anything you can think of!

The story about how these bricks came about is as fascinating as the product itself. The inventor was playing with bead toys with his own children and got upset that their creations would easily fall apart before ironing together leading to tears & frustrations from the kids, this provided the motivation for Simbrix. From here Simbrix have endured 400 prototypes & 1000 consumer tests leading to a kickstarter success and two ToyShopUK award wins!

How it works

The little tiny bricks fasten on all four sides allowing a snug fit onto the next block, these are really easy to piece together and don’t require any bonding like the bead kits you can find advertised on the TV! They don’t need ironing or spraying with water, they simply click together so you can create awesome 2D shapes.

The kits all come with an inspiration deck of cards which have simple designs you can copy to create some creatures and shapes. But the key with this is that you can take inspiration from these and go on to create whatever you want! To see how easy this is then just watch our video here:



The kits come in four sizes as follows:

  • Cute Kit – One play tray & 1000 Simbrix
  • Geek Kit – Two play trays & 2000 Simbrix
  • Crafter Kit – Three play trays & 3000 Simbrix
  • Maker Kit – Four play trays & 4000 Simbrix

All available here:–blocks/

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