Rick and Morty Cluedo! Are you Cluedo in disguise?

Woooop! Rick and Morty Cluedo has arrived at Castle Refresh. Made by Winning Moves it is essentially just like any other Cluedo game in that you need to find out WHO! WHAT and WHERE!

In this adaption the aim of the game is to work out who stole the plans to Rick’s portal gun. Travel around the board and ask questions to discover who stole the plans, where they were hiding and what item they used to succeed this devious heist! As you can see it is classic cluedo, in disguise.

First impressions are that the box art is pretty spectacular, It looks great, as does the board. It will obviously play well as Cluedo is such a tried and tested format. Sometimes with branded Cluedo’s & Monopolies you do wonder why they bother but with this they’ve made a good effort to make a story tie-in and change the game significantly enough.

Have a look at our video unboxing and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Play Rating:
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4 / 5 Unicorns - Great!

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Rick and Morty Cluedo
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