Remember Friends The TV Show? Well Its Back…. Kind of!

Friends is back big-time, newly added to Netflix the much loved TV series is finding a mega new audience to appreciate the humour of our 6 old friends. To compliment this resurgence we have now got our hands on Friends Top Trumps, 30 top moments edition, which are a great throwback to the series we love!

Each card depicts an episode, there are 30 cards and these are spread over the whole 10 seasons. Each episode is rated on the following Top Trumps criteria:

  • Laughter
  • Friendship
  • Antics
  • Top Trumps Rating

Simply the highest score wins for each criteria.

Each card includes a still from the episode, a quote and an episode synopsis. Meaning that this pack of cards is an epic reminder of the great moments. This is a perfect gift for any Friends fan. See our video and leave any comments below!


PS. Keep your eyes peeled for Friends Monopoly coming to this channel in the coming days!

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5 / 5 Unicorns - Excellent!

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Top Trumps - Friends The Tv Series 30 Top Moments Edition Card Game
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