NEW Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge Review

The latest addition to the range of Jenga games is this new pass challenge game. The game itself includes a half size Jenga brick stack sat upon a small handheld platform.

The game plays simply as any Jenga game does, each player takes it in turn to draw a brick from the stack and replace it on the top, the added complication with this version is that the stack is not sat safely on the table, but being passed around from player to player with the skill being to hold and pass it whilst keeping the tower steady!

A true test of nerve! This really simple added complication takes this game to another level as a party game (especially if those have had a few drinks) the challenge just to pass the stack safely is a big one.

The game also comes with a set of challenges for players to complete! So you can change up the game by making everyone pass the stack through their legs, or only pick out bricks with chopsticks. You can also come up with your own challenges. One thing is for sure this new take on a modern classic is a lot of fun and a very worthy member of the Jenga family.

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Hasbro Jenga Pass Challenge
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