Fifa World Cup 2018 Monopoly


As you will know the World Cup is being held in Russia this year, and to celebrate this, Monopoly have released this very collectable version of the game.
The board is “Dual Language”, meaning that everything is written in both English and Russian.
There are 8 collectable tokens:
  • The Fifa Mascot
  • The Football Boot
  • The Football Goal
  • The Football
  • The Drink Carton
  • The Burger
  • The Cap
  • The Referee Whistle
The game features countries playing in the 2018 Fifa World Cup, in place of where the property spaces would be in a classic Monopoly game. Also the houses and hotels have been changed to stands and stadiums.
See the other unique features of this fantastic Monopoly edition in this short video. Buy this game on our website
Game suitable for ages 8+

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Monopoly 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Dual Language Edition

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